26 Years of Wisdom

I’ve been spending so much more time by myself. Quality alone time. Not on my phone or my computer or even reading. Just listening. And in my short 26 years of wisdom and wonder here’s what I have so far:

Sit down and smell the roses. Get out of your car and pick a flower. Do handstands in the middle of the castle doorway. Notice nature. Notice how fast some people are moving in life. Notice if you’re one of them. Go to bed early. But not really, have another glass of wine. DZELL is as good as N. W. A. Waitress. And serve. And know the difference. Read a lot of books. Drink more water! Don’t answer your phone during dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. Send letters. Send care packages. Wear your s
eatbelt. Take mental health days. Make “YOU” time. Be wined and dined. People aren’t going to always love you. Space Jam. Go upside down at least once a day. It’s okay dark_transparentto drop into child’s pose in the middle of your kitchen. Journal three pages a day. Meditate. Then try again. High school isn’t real. Make your body sweat daily. And then take a long hot shower. Lay on the sidewalk under the stars. Pack cheese and crackers and go to the Vineyard. Seek adventure. It’s healthy to happy hour. It’s also healthy to happy hour twice a week. Smile all the time. And laugh out loud. And sing out loud. Everything is good in moderation. Even boys. Find a few great friends. Go out of your way for them. Be spontaneous. And thoughtful. Learn how to say “no.” Then learn again. Travel. A lot. Go see friends. Karma is real. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “you’re beautiful.” Out loud. Mean it. Go out to dinner with girlfriends. Listen to music too loud. Make things. Learn new things. Say yes to bed time stories. Listen to 90s R&B. Especially Keith Sweat and Boyz II Men. Admit your faults. But don’t use them as a crutch or as an excuse. Admit your fears. And then go try a few out. Share. Hold the door for people. Use your manners. Including table etiquette. Red right returning. Red sky at night sailors delight; red sky in the morning sailors take warning. Sit in the sun. Travel to see sunsets. And light houses. Get to know your family. And go see them. Fighting sucks. At every age. Find the good. In everything. Admit when you’re sorry. And when you’re wrong. Be thoughtful. Read a book. Love unconditionally. Do things just because. And do things for others. Without needing a “thank you.” Call your mother. Every day. And always, always say your prayers.

OH! AND Soul to Sole finally got its new logo!!!! Check it out!

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