Soul’s Purpose – Part 4 – Cultivate



with Gabs

Tuesday, November 17th at 6 – 8pm CST


Reprogram the relationship you have with your mental, emotional and physical bodies to begin to see how your daily (usually, subconscious) habits are limiting your potential.

Identify your patterns of reaction so we can begin to RESPOND to life!

You will leave this mastermind with a game plan, spiritually aligned action steps and a fool proof routine to begin cultivating the life you’ve always imagined for your family including (but not limited to) time and financial freedom, self love and an increased awareness of positivity!

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This 4 part mastermind series will help you connect back to yourself to find clarity and connection in your life, business and relationships.

Gain clarity on where you are disconnected from your body &

MASTER what a hell YES and NO feel like

Learn how to embody, attract & manifest goals that are aligned with your soul purpose and mission.

This series will teach you to reprogram your subconscious mind to end self-sabotage and call in/attract even your deepest desires.

Never again will you feel the need to fit in a certain mold, you’ll be creating your own shapes.

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