Soul Purpose Masterclass – Drop In

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Nothing changes until you do.

That’s why I’ve created Soul Purpose Masterclasses. To give you tangible tools and, with full support, the time to implement them to see what actually works for you!

You will learn to CONNECT to yourself FIRST! You can’t simply start letting go of fears, habits and patterns without first knowing why you’re holding on them! Get to know your true self. Not the person your mom or boss thinks you are, connect to your true, authentic self.

You will practice CLEAR ing what’s holding you back from being your own best friend! Learn to trust yourself, surrender what you can’t control and be like Elsa and LET IT GO!

You will master ALIGN ing to your wants, needs, dreams and desires. We attract what we are after all. It is up to you to manifest/attract/get that new car, loving relationship, a health goal or whatever that *big* *scary* thing is

Only then, after determining who you are now, what’s in your way and aligning your energy to your deepest desires, do you CULTIVATE. Oh, the art of receiving. And it is just that, an art. I will teach you tips and tricks to enjoy head back, mouth open pleasure!


For all the details and inclusions please head over to https://soultosolewellness.com/masterclass/


If you’d like details on paying in full for the year or our special sliding scale rates please reach out to Gab here: