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Blending Athletic Training, Mindfulness and Life Coaching to Create a Connected, Stress Free Life with Clear, Intentional Communication

Gab’s Signature Embodiment Program

Connect + Clear + Align + Cultivate

A step by step process to Embodying, Manifesting and Creating the life you deserve. 

Cultivating Leadership & Confidence through Personal Development

Create a foundation for your total life transformation in 12 weeks

You can only control yourself. Are you holding yourself back?

 The key to unlocking your fullest potential belongs to you and only you. When you get courageous or frustrated enough, that’s usually the motivation for all change. You’ve come to the right place.

 The best thing about massive change is that it takes time. Good thing because, as humans, we don’t love change. We prefer our routines, our habits and forget that things can (and many times, should) be different!

This program supports you for over 90 days!

The best part?

You’re ready!
If you:

Healing starts from the inside out…

Knowing that your gut health aka what you’re eating and consuming affect your energy levels, self love, and connection to the people and places around you is always the first step.

Which is why this program works!

Over the next 90 days I will assist you to:

1:1 Embodiment Program is for women ready to change their lives

Before I began my embodiment journey I was recovering from never feeling heard nor seen (middle child syndrome & chronically defensive), feelings of almost constant rejection if not from the world than from myself and being raped…needless to say, I was beyond lost and disconnected.

Blending 1:1 life and health coaching helps you heal from the inside out. Oftentimes, I find that women are not ready to admit to themselves that they need to heal but rather, they admit they need to change. This sounds like:

“Why haven’t I found my dream partner yet?”

“How do I lose these last 5 pounds?”

“I am not worthy/sexy/loveable”

“I have no time for myself!”

The hard truth is, the answer to these questions are already within you.

You haven’t found your dream partner yet because you don’t love yourself nor the life you’re living…

The last 5 pounds will literally fall off when you stop inviting so many stressors in your life…

You’re not sexy enough because you never allow yourself to receive compliments….

You don’t have enough alone or self care time because you’re not prioritizing yourself…

This program blends over 15 years of athletic training and mindfulness practices

Within the next 90 days you we will focus on 3 categories: 



Self Inquiry


You will get a personalized workout for you and all of your aches and pains!

So many times, our physical pains have emotional roots, this Embodiment Program teaches you to listen through your physical body to help create conscious awareness around unwanted aches, pains and traumas stored within you already.

                        Your workout program may include:

                        – Yoga “Rehab” Rehabilitation: personalized modifications to movement practices. Blending athletic training and physical therapy based practices with mindfulness

– Rehabilitative based exercises for aches, pains and imbalances (think Physical Therapy style movement)

– Yoga: Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, etc.

– Self Myofascial Release Practices (connect to your foam roller/tennis ball to allow for release!)

– Strength: Body Weight & Weights (personalized off your accessibility to weights/equipment)


Moving your body daily has been proven to heal acute and chronic pains, ailments and STRESS! We won’t spend all of our time moving together and you will have all of the tools you need to be successful in strengthening your being from the inside out.


With a taste of all of my favorite tangible tools, we will, together, identify how certain modalities shift your energy

Including but not limited to:

– Mindfulness

– Meditation

– Breath work

Embodiment, to me, is being able to feel connected to your intuition. It’s feeling the “hell yes” or the clear no in your body. Knowing / Having the tools to determine what’s best for you in every decision you have going on at all times; including, times of stress, angst, overwhelm and yes, even when you’re triggered.

Self Inquiry

Newsflash: I’m not here to save or help you.

Healing is an internal process. Letting go and surrendering is an internal practice. Only you will ever know what’s best for you!

AND I can teach you, coach you and assist you in finding the tools that work best for you and your body.

Self inquiry will consist of a blend of coaching (aka me asking easy to sometimes tough questions) and self observation.

What you can expect:

– 1:1 life coaching

– 1:1 health coaching

– journal prompts

– confidence based practices

– responsive based leadership skills


Access to Soul Purpose Masterclass

Monthly women group meetings blending mindfulness and stress management tools to step into confidence and clear communication

Access to Pocket Guide to a disciplined mind: 30 day meditation course

Perfect for beginners & advanced practitioners because truly, aren’t we always beginning again

Recess for the Mind Online Course

4 module stress management course for every day, tangible tools to take inventory of, monitor and treat your own stress organically!

Functional Anatomy Course

Teaching you to explore how your body works and which movements feel safe for you at each moment. This course will keep your fascia long and strong while increasing stress, promoting weight loss and a pain free body!

How it Works

1. Live Coaching

12 personalized weekly meetings (60 min each)

2. Workout Program(s)

Expect 1-2 detailed pain free workouts created just for you based on your needs, preferences, current pains and injuries and accessibility to equipment (or no equipment!)

3. Tangible Tool Box

Daily and weekly tools for accountability and team & self exploration
Habit & Time Tracking Systems to increase productivity
Confidence Workbook for accountability

4. The Set Up

Calls will be booked at your convenience based off of mine and your availability
You will have lifetime access to your bonus courses, no need to rush through them!
Our live time together will be spent working through the Embodiment Program and making sure your current needs, qualms and current life struggles are being addressed.
You will receive weekly “deliverables” or “homework” to help hold you accountable and continue to help you step into your highest potential.
You will have text and e-mail support throughout the duration of our time together (during regular “business hours” (I will be off my phone daily by 8pm CST!)


You will have 12 live sessions with me. I understand life happens and occasionally we will not be able to meet weekly, no stress!

All inquires for joining run through our link: https://546543.17hats.com/p#/lcf/pkxwhchdwtwspcnnrvtrchxcndhppscg you will be directed to fill out a little more information on yourself if you’re joining.

Please book a call with Gabs to get the latest pricing! https://calendly.com/gabdelo/30min

Please feel free to email me any questions at gabby@soultosolewellness.com or book your free alignment call https://calendly.com/gabdelo/30min to speak with me in person!

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