Looking to dive into meditation? The first bit of this audio will walk you through what meditation is and how you can apply it to your life.

Keep listening to dive into a body scan meditation!

Learn how to connect to your breath to find deeper relaxation within your meditation

Learn how to protect your energy when you’re feeling scattered, triggered or stressed!

Sometimes, simply adding words to your already nonstop, crazy thoughts is just what you need to stop thinking about everything else going on! Learn how within this meditation!



Whether you’re fearful, sad, raging mad or jealous, I invite you to always feel your emotions. When you simply can’t stand how you’re feeling anymore or have a pressing matter at hand that you need to show up as your highest, best self for, I invite you to visit this meditation!

Looking to develop your own meditation practice? A Pocket Guide to a Disciplined Mind will help you with just that!

Within this 30 day course you will find 30 guided meditations with all different practices and techniques to help you begin your meditation journey & help you deepen your connection with your practice and if not most importantly, with yourself.


30 days of guided meditations at your finger tips! 

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