You attract what you are

Hi, I’m Gabs!

Back in 2104, I moved, alone, to a new city, started my first “big girl job” and was raped all within 2 weeks.

To say I was lost was an understatement. I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. 

So, after the universe gently invited me 3 times, I joined my first Yoga Teacher Training. During that training I was able to identify that I lived off of outside praise and approval, I didn’t know how to make nor keep boundaries and that if I was going to survive [life] I had to learn how to listen and more importantly, trust, my intuition.

Through tangible tools like breath work, meditation, journaling, lectures/workshops, spending over $20K on coaches and mentorships, I realized one BIG thing which has now become 

Rule #1: You Can Only Control Yourself

No one was going to help, fix nor save me.

Especially, if I was going to survive as an entrepreneur… At the time, I was using my degrees in athletic training and biomechanics to teach anatomy and how the body works to a multitude of yoga teacher trainings/workshops, to wellness professionals and personal trainers.

I began assisting people through their physical pains through “yoga rehab” aka my version of yoga meets physical therapy meets strength training meets myofascial release. The secret sauce I found that helped my client’s pain the most was the movement plus adding in manual therapies such as lymphatic drainage and manual myofascial and deep tissue release.

Every client sat on my table and, as we released, spoke of hardships in life and childhood

Some, simple tough conversations. Others, stories of rape, deep fears, unloved and unheard moments. Moments of resentment, extreme embarrassment and all with an undertone of resentment and hate.

Their emotional pains all showed up in their physical bodies.

I joined a life coaching certification program a week after. I had to learn how to be of greater service to my clients.

 Something is holding you back from living your best, most authentic life.

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Professional Bio

Gab is a speaker, coach and yoga rehab specialist. Founder and innovator at Soul to Sole Wellness, she addresses all angles of health and wellness to help women decrease stress, reactive cycles and step into clear confidence & communication.

Gab’s mission is to empower women entrepreneurs, creatives and business teams to embody responsive based leadership skills and, most simply, delegate and communicate like a boss.

Gab has over 15 years of experience educating over 500 women through the mind – body connection. She blends her background in athletic training, biomechanics, yoga and life coaching to create a transformative experience for entrepreneurs ready to take control over their lives and their business. Through her signature 1:1 Embodiment Program, Monthly Soul Purpose Masterclasses and Recess for the Mind, Gab has a solution for women at every step of their journey.

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