Self Myofascial Release Guide

Myofascial release seems to be the new buzz word these days.

However, it’s been around for a long, long time!

We’re just beginning to realize how interconnected the fascia is to EVERYTHING!

So – what is fascia?

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds and engulfs almost everything in your body.

Picture an orange:
There’s the skin around the orange – fasica
There is the skin around the fruit once you peel it – fasica
There is the protective covering around each slice of orange – fasica
There is skin around each drop of juice within each slice – fasica

Now envision this around every muscle you have, every bone, ligament, tendon, nerve….

As soon as the fascia gets tight, your muscles stop pulling properly, blood flow & oxygen slows into these areas, you may feel a “knot” somewhere and have trouble with movement.

So yes, I love myofascial release.

I’ve been perfecting my myofascial release manual skills but, now with covid, it’s time to pass this healing modality onto you!

That’s why I’ve created the guide! 

I can’t wait to share this creation with you!

Suffer from aches and pains?

So many times, our physical pains have emotional roots.

Use this guide to help you build a relationship with your body. Use this guide to learn how to listen and as you release, notice what thoughts come up and what is trying to find it’s way out.

Grab your FREE guide below & start feeling like your best, most energetic self!

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