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The Culture Crew at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Recess for the Mind, Lunch & Learn

We decided to start Mental Health Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays and Fitness Fridays to support the overall wellness of our 50-ish person team. The very first professional we brought in for a 90 min lunch-n-learn was Gabriella DeLorenze, MEd, ATC, CES, E-RYT, LAT, Founder of Soul to Sole Wellness and Rehabilitation. Wow, she knocked it out of the park! About half of our team showed up. It was highly interactive and Gabby’s infectious positive attitude and humor made the 1-1/2 hours fly by! She educated us in a fun fashion, offered plenty of Q&A time and facilitated several tangible activities that we can also do on our own at any time of the day, at work or at home.

All of our overall wellness has been elevated due to her fun and memorable exercises like fun ways to meditate, breathwork that can invigorate and/or calm, ways to reprogram the subconscious, etc. She explained the science of it all which appeased the intellects in the room.

She also gave us tools on how to handle specific types of colleagues since we all have different personality styles, backgrounds and a lifetime of experiences brought with them to the table. That 90 minutes made a world of difference for our workplace and for all of us as individuals. We HIGHLY recommend her presentations to any team and some of us will also be hiring her for one-on-one time. She has been a huge asset for all of us moving forward professionally and personally.”


Valerie Kemp of Valerie Kemp, CPA
Recess for the Mind, 8 week course

“This program has done wonders for my team and has exceeded my expectations. My team and I are closer as group, understand eachother more and work so much more cohesively as a result.” -Valerie Kemp of Valerie Kemp CPA


Dan B.
YTT Participant
This course exceeded my expectations. The practical application of how this was taught will make me a much better and more effective yoga teacher. I learned how to look for weaknesses within my student’s bodies to help them enhance their postures and avoid pain and harm. The best thing I learned in this training is how the fascia connects everything. Gabby is open to all questions and answers with honesty and intelligence. I can’t wait to work with her in future trainings.

Nielah B.
YTT Participant
I appreciate Gabby’s enthusiasm and confidence in her knowledge base. She absolutely exceeded my expectations. My biggest take away was learning exercises to stretch or strengthen body parts that otherwise inhibit the full expression of a posture. I no longer feel like I’m forever limited in igniting poses because I have the tools now to gain access to my back muscles. Gabby said, “victims cry louder than criminals” she taught me how to look beyond specific discomfort or pain points for total body integrity during postures.

Amanda J.
Workshop Participant
Gabby DeLorenze is simply amazing in the way that she delivers the concept of anatomy, in a neatly folded yogic envelope!  It has been 3 years since I was certified as a 200-hr RYT.  The refresher course that she delivered at Transparent Heart for continuing education credit through Yoga Alliance was JUST what I needed to add additional knowledge to my original base during teacher training.  After taking this course, I am now planning to RETAKE the course that Gabby offers through Soul to Sole Wellness every couple of years.  I do not come from a scientific / anatomic background, so the concepts of anatomy are always going to be something that I need to refresh myself upon.  Additionally, Gabby felt like a friend.  She laughed, and talked, and answered ALL of our questions with her beaming smile…..and most of us had NEVER met her before!  Additionally, the resource material for the Gabby’s course is a wonderful takeaway.  I know that I will reference it often, and appreciate that she has made herself available to us as well via all methods of communication.

Meghan M.
YTT Participant
My favorite part was all the demoing in poses to “squeeze” vs. “press” vs. “etc.” I feel like I learned a ton about basic anatomy and practical, concrete ways to implement my knowledge in my practice and my teaching. My biggest take away is how connected EVERYTHING in the body is. It’s so important to look at the whole body before and offer a cue based on that. It was so awesome practicing with Gabby, learning how to turn on the same muscle in so many different ways.

YTT Participant
Gabby is so knowledgable and excited about what she teaches. She teaches to every learning style and makes anatomy easier to understand! I expected to learn about what the heck was going on with my body, and she hit the nail on the head! I love the reminder that every body is different and we don’t have to look like everyone in the class or on Instagram! I wouldn’t change a thing about this course!

Chris B.
YTT Leader
Gabby shows tons of modifications and different ways to access postures based off of different body types. My favorite take away from this course was teacher actions for addressing hyper- and hypo- mobile students. Gabby does a fantastic job at stopping for all teachable moments.

Natalie A.
YTT Participant
Gabby shares all of her personal stories and has stories from so many different types of students. She has demonstrations and modifications for almost everyone! This course was so in depth and detailed I feel so much more confident helping others move pain free and intentionally. Gabby listens intently and truly cares to help. She allowed us time for personal questions around postures and pain which allowed me to learn from others and get clearer on my teaching around pain for my students.

Mason H.
YTT Participant
Gabby taught me to trust the foundation of where I come from and what I have been taught. Many times less is more and always to look through the eyes of humility to find growth. Each time I have had the opportunity to listen to Gabby speak, I feel and see growth in my teaching. I am able to find more informed and intelligent healing movements for any person’s body after listening to Gabby.

Brooke W.
YTT Participant
Gabby’s teaching is detailed and specific, not esoteric. I was hoping to learn more about anatomy for yoga now that I have teaching experience and her ability to teach anatomy from a yoga perspective was super helpful. She has us trying new way to activate old muscles and change up old postures. Everything I learned was practical, applicable and effective.

Mary Morgan B.
YTT Leader
Gabby loves opening up a discussion but has us figure out what the “correct” answer is by feeling and looking at each other. We were constantly applying what we were learning to movement and exploring how bodies shift with different cues. I wish we had more time together!

Libby R
YTT Participant
Gabby taught us that things aren’t always as they seems. Pains may be coming from the joint above and below and it opened my eyes to seeing the body differently. Gabby teaches total body integration – teaching us how the body is connected by fascia but always related it back to yoga and how we can use this information to be better and more effective yoga teachers.

YTT Participant
I felt Gabby’s presentation was very well put together, organized and presented great. I love the visual learning and doing certain poses to feel and see the muscles, bones and tissues. My biggest take away was how to better understand how the body works – where to look and add in cue’s to promote mobility vs. stability where appropriate vs. just saying cues.

Jenn B.
YTT Participant
This course surpassed my expectations. It was foundational information and inspirational. It left us wanting to learn and research more. Her teaching is hands on and was a nice mix of powerpoint, discussion and hands on movement. My favorite thing I learned today was that all bodies are different and how poses may look different in different bodies.

Dylan T.
YTT Participant
My biggest take away from this course was how to give cues that address the types of action/activation you want students with any body type to achieve, instead of giving more aesthetic cues – meeting people where they’re at. Gabby totally surpassed my expectations – I didn’t have a solid idea on what to expect but I fee like I learned a ton – Gabby killed it! We were constantly feeling things in our own bodies as we learned concepts. It helped my remember and understand anatomy better. I also loved all the memory tools for little things.

Natalie R.
YTT Participant
Gabby’s excitement for intentionality, the body and safety is so amazing and inspires me to teach! Gabby’s teaching is practical, hands on and active. My favorite part of Gabby’s teaching was her voice, smile, laughter and fun teaching style! My biggest take away from this course was that every BODY is different and every posture will look different for everyone. I especially loved how she kept asking, “what is the intention behind this pose?”

Meshea J.
YTT Participant
Having done yoga for a long time, it’s so easy to get caught up in how poses are classically taught regardless of functionality. I needed this class to show me that the function of the pose is always key. My favorite part of this training was Gabby’s energy, enthusiasm and common sense approach to movement and mobility. I would say my biggest take away was that each pose should be specific for you. Not a look, or how it looks in everyone else’s body.

Jennifer B.
YTT Participant
I feel like I can be a better yoga teacher after this course learning how the body works. I not only learned how to make micro movements to improve my teaching and techniques. Gabby’s teaching was incredible. The material was intense but she simplified the explanation to make it easy to understand.

Kathryn S. – YTT Participant
My biggest take away form this course is that no part of the body is isolated. What you do at the hip affects the knees and back. The knowledge I received was practical and informative to yoga and every day life. I learned so much about strengthening the body, how to add strength to my yoga flows and the best part, we did so much hands on work that I was able to feel everything in my body to promote healing within myself!

Jessie S.
YTT Participant
My favorite part of this course was the interactiveness and getting into poses and exercises to feel them in my body. I was able to heal my old knee/hip/IT Band band during this session and was given exercises to keep it gone forever! I loved learning how everything was connected. How my wrist pain actually may be coming from my shoulder. This course met all of my expectations!

YTT Participant
I got the pleasure of working with Gabby during our 200hr yoga teacher training in Oxford, MS. She was so knowledgeable and relayed a ton of useful information in a way that was fun and easy to understand! The whole weekend was exciting and jam-packed with material we can incorporate into our every day practice. I personally love learning the anatomical whys and how’s of our bodies in our yogic practice. Her skill and knowledge in her practice was astounding to me and while I don’t have my own school to book her for, I’d book a personal session in a heartbeat! She helped with my own personal questions and taught me so much I can use to help my own students one day. 10/10 would recommend. 5 stars.

Erin L.
Private Client
I have visited 4 other physical therapists over the past 4 years for help with a hip issue. I had made minimal progress, but that was fixed in a single session with Gabby. I had physical and also emotional feeling of floating out of her office that day after she worked on my hips, even my spirit was lifted. I have never felt anything like it! I went back to her for a sciatic and nerve issues later, and she was critical in helping me end the cycle of pain. I had tried acupuncture, spine docs, deep massage work, trigger point shots, but I had the most relief working with Gabby. She gives you excellent written plans to help you remember the moves you can do outside of sessions, and is also an awesome human. She’s invested in helping you reach a place of total independence with your goals. I highly recommend her.

Mary Y.
YTT Participant
My biggest take away from this course is to know your own body, so, regardless of what a teacher give’s, you know the poses and how they should be for you. I have a business background, so this was all so informative for me. She kept anatomy is laymen’s terms. Gabby exceeded my expectations. She was able to bring science to non- science people! I loved Gabby’s energy, knowledge and her teaching with visuals and physical movement. We are all different! She helped me remember to only do what feels good!

Mary Beth O.
“I’ve Got Your Back” Workshop
“Gabby is extremely knowl-edgeable about anatomy. Her enthusiasm for her subject is infectious.”

Misti JD
Owner, Pathfinder’s Yoga YTT
“Gabby has such a deep passion and sense of wonder for the human body and the way it works to support our daily lives. Her lecture was innovative and in-formative. She not only cultivated a curiosity for my students, the material landed quickly in their teaching.”

Joseph W.
Private Client
My name is Joseph Wooten and I have been a member of the Steve Miller Band since 1993. While on tour exercising in my hotel room, I noticed that suddenly I had very little range of motion in my shoulder and almost zero bicep strength. I was having trouble curling 5 pounds! To say I was worried is an understatement! I was having trouble putting my luggage overhead on an airplane. I was having to shave with my left hand because of a lack of range of motion. A yoga instructor who is a friend of my wife, Stephanie told us about Gabby. When I met Gabby I was not doing well. I had very little range of motion with my right should and very little strength in that region, including my bicep. I had seen a friend of mine get a neck operation for the same problem so I was nervous. Gabby assured me that I would be OK. She tested my strength and gave me some exercises. She would come to the house once a week and administer her therapy…some stretches, some massage, some exercises, some yoga. I was skeptical about my prognosis. Through the whole process she kept assuring me that I would be just fine. After a couple of months my shoulder and bicep are back to 100 percent now! Thank you, Gabby for your knowledge, your expertise, your cheerfulness, and your spirit. I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone! Gabby knows what she is doing!”

Ashley B.
Private Client
Gabby is an amazing soul and has the desire to help and understand her clients individual needs. Her knowledge of exercise science combined with her desire to teach makes Gabby a great fit for someone looking to personalize a road to a healthy lifestyle.

YTT Participant
My favorite part of this training would have to be Gabby’s energy and her knowledge of teaching and how to apply it in our everyday practice. This course gave me the knowledge on how better to serve my individual client’s needs and increased my knowledge on how and why movement is so important. My favorite thing I learned today was injury prevention and movements that help heal.

Caleb O.
Private Client
“I have been having rotator cuff issues on and off for years. After it was acting up enough consistently for a few months in a row I decided to do something about it, so I scheduled a one on one appointment with Gabby. She was able to provide me with a detailed description of what was going on anatomically speaking with my rotator cuff and also able to prescribe me with various workouts/warm ups/stretches, and modifications to make when engaging in physically activity in order to protect and strengthen my shoulder. I’ve been consistently following her workout/stretching prescription and it has helped me in reducing my shoulder pain and helped me be aware of how I should safely be engaging in activities that involve my shoulder. I would highly recommend anyone who has any body or pain related issues to see Gabby, I feel that she is a huge wealth of knowledge when speaking about the body and how it functions and that she will also be able to effectively help anyone with any problems they may have.”

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