Teaching leaders how to destress their teams to increase productivity through stress management and leadership development

Recess for the Mind

Mindset & communication tools for teams & Individuals

available in 1-2 day workshops or a full 8 week deep dive

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Happy People = Happy Company
= Happy Profits

Do you, your company and your employees suffer from stress? 

Chronic stress may be the reason for your employees lack of productivity and may be the reason why you’re not as profitable as you’d like to be. 

Recess for the Mind will equip employees with stress management, coping and workplace detoxification tools to help boost performance, communication, and increase workflow efficiencies.

In this Training you'll Learn:

Stress management tips to increase overall health:

Heart disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Recess for the Mind is for Teams who:

I get it…you’re busy trying to grow your company. You took the dive into hiring more/new employees and now you just can’t seem to get everyone on the same page. Some team members are more supportive than others, some seem to just get in and get out…

Investing money out of your pocketbook SHOULD grow your business. Taking items off your plate SHOULD grow your business. Whether your business is flourishing or you seem to be stuck in a productivity rut, this program will help get your team on the same page and working toward the same mission and help you fearlessly delegate based off of the people in front of you!

Over the Next 8 weeks…

Live Coaching & Training Sessions

8 weeks of 60min live group discussion and lecture via Zoom

** Please note, this course is also available in 1-2 day workshops pending your teams schedule/needs!

Tangible Tool Box

Daily and weekly tools for accountability and team & self exploration

Habit & Time Tracking Systems to increase productivity


Lifetime Access to Recess for the Mind – An Online Course.

A 4 – Module course to continue personal growth outside of work and to hold you accountable

* Option for 1:1 support per employee (at an additional fee)

You have the option to meet weekly or create a 1-2 day event for you and your team.

Recess for the Mind includes self and team exploration to create a collaborative environment safe for inquiry. Although sharing is encouraged, you will never be forced to share your experiences, observations or to participate in anything that does not feel supportive.

Each team member will have opportunities for journaling, self discovery via different stress management tools and techniques to inquire how each feels in your body. Each member will receive tools such as habit and time trackers, meditations, breath work and movement prompts to help increase motivation, handle stress and tools to help address obstacles to achieve team and individual max performance. 

We will start off each session with a 3 word and 3 tool practice involving identifying how you feel in the moment and notice how your feelings/sensations change with modalities including but not limited to:

            Movement practices

            Meditation techniques

            & Breathwork exercises

Our focus will be on creating leadership based responses vs. reactions usually derived from stress/childhood traumas and experiences.

By the End of this Program you will Experience

We’re in! What’s the cost?

The cost for teams with 10 members or less starts at $4400!

If you’d like to upgrade and include additional 1:1 sessions for you and your team, we are happy to accommodate!

We serve teams as follows:

10 Members or less, 10-20 members, 20-50 members and 50+ Please inquire with Gab here for the latest pricing that fits all of your team’s needs! https://calendly.com/gabdelo/30min


This is typically run as an 8 week course. You will have 8 - 60 min weekly calls via Zoom along with weekly modalities/implementation calendars, workbooks and life-time access to Recess for the Mind: The Online Course

All inquires and applications run through our link: https://546543.17hats.com/p#/lcf/ktxpdngcwbfscbkzprkcxvbbnntvdtnv you will be directed to fill out a little more information on your team. If you’d like more information to see if this would be a good fit please feel free to book a free alignment call here: https://calendly.com/gabdelo/30min

Book a free alignment call with Gabby at https://calendly.com/gabdelo/30min to see if this would be a good fit for you and your team!

We have an upgrade option to add 1:1 for each team member!

For teams of 10 members and under, rates start at $3550. We have additional charges for teams with 10-20 members, 20-50 members and 50+

Please feel free to email me any questions at gabby@soultosolewellness.com or book your free alignment call https://calendly.com/gabdelo/30min to speak with me in person!

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