Blending Mindfulness and Stress Management tools to step into Confidence and Clear Communication

Soul Purpose Masterclasses

Connect + Clear + Align + Cultivate

A step by step process to Embodying, Manifesting and Creating the life you deserve.

You are here for a reason

And that vision you’ve carried with you about how great life SHOULD be, is real. And, you deserve it.

Rule #1: You can only control yourself

When your soul is calling (perhaps, screaming) at you for a change, that’s usually when you’ll do something. By that point, you probably find ourselves worn out, frustrated and irritable. So, instead of responding, you react. 

This may look like getting defensive, criticizing or aggressively walking away/avoiding.

Nothing changes until you do.

That’s why I’ve created Soul Purpose Masterclasses. To give you tangible tools and, with full support, the time to implement them to see what actually works for you!

You will learn to CONNECT to yourself FIRST! You can’t simply start letting go of fears, habits and patterns without first knowing why you’re holding on them! Get to know your true self. Not the person your mom or boss thinks you are, connect to your true, authentic self.

You will practice CLEAR ing what’s holding you back from being your own best friend! Learn to trust yourself, surrender what you can’t control and be like Elsa and LET IT GO!

You will master ALIGN ing to your wants, needs, dreams and desires. We attract what we are after all. It is up to you to manifest/attract/get that new car, loving relationship, a health goal or whatever that *big* *scary* thing is

Only then, after determining who you are now, what’s in your way and aligning your energy to your deepest desires, do you CULTIVATE. Oh, the art of receiving. And it is just that, an art. I will teach you tips and tricks to enjoy head back, mouth open pleasure!

My motto is: Aim Small Miss Small

In 100 days, you would have wished you started today. Healing your childhood traumas, looking at your reactive behaviors and cycles while trying to live your life sounds daunting! It doesn’t have to be!

In this Training you'll Learn:

Stress management tips to increase overall health:

Heart disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Soul Purpose Masterclasses are for women ready to change their lives

Before I began my embodiment journey I was recovering from never feeling heard nor seen (middle child syndrome & chronically defensive), feelings of almost constant rejection if not from the world than from myself and being raped…I was lost.

These classes are packed with live coaching + trainings, a multitude of tangible tools including: meditation techniques, movement practices, breathwork exercises and other mindfulness based practices along with a Confidence Workbook that we will move through together.

Regardless if you’ve ever practiced mindfulness, have started and stopped a multitude of times or have been at this mindfulness game for years, these Masterclasses will be riveting and fun!

Throughout the year…

Soul Purpose Masterclasses Include:

Live Coaching & Workshop Style Training Sessions

Monthly Meetings: The first Wednesday of every month from 6-8pm CST (can’t make it live? No worries! Recordings will be available!)


A Confidence Workbook filled with exercises, tools and resources! More chapters to be added

Each week you will receive additional workbook pages, prompts and other fun surprises!

Dropping in? You’ll have access to any workbook chapters you’re missing!

Tangible Tool Box

Daily and weekly tools for accountability and team & self exploration

Habit & Time Tracking Systems to increase productivity


Weekly Calendars packed with meditations, prompts, movement practices and breathing techniques

Soul Purpose Masterclasses involve self exploration. You will never be forced to share and you will never be forced to be coached. Many times, simply sharing is the most powerful thing we can do. 

We will start off each session with a 3 word and 3 tool practice involving identifying how you feel in the moment and notice how your feelings/sensations change with modalities including but not limited to:

Movement practices

Meditation techniques

Breathwork exercises

Our focus will be on creating a connection to your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Learn how your nervous system works, reacts and responds to various stimuli to begin to create patterns, change habits and responses in your life!

By the End of this Program you will Experience

We’re in! What’s the cost?


We meet 1x a month for the year!

Book a free alignment call with Gabby at to see if this would be a good fit for you!

Book a free alignment call with Gabby at to see if this would be a good fit for you!

If you are in the PIF option of the classes you have an upgrade option to add 1:1 at a discounted rate!

There will be some coaching done during each session as time permits/feels supportive. You always have the option to share and not welcome feedback or not share at all!

Paid in Full is offered at a sliding scale rate of $333 - $1111

Drop in rate is $44/class

Please feel free to email me any questions at or book your free alignment call to speak with me in person!

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