Functional Anatomy



Are you a yoga teacher who wants to feel more confident teaching anatomy-based yoga flows?

Or a student who is struggling with pain on the mat, how to modify, or fear of re-injury?

Creating a transformative asana experience goes much deeper than simply setting up poses. Understanding how to weave intelligent anatomy knowledge into practice can be a challenge.

If you…

  • Want to be able to modify on the fly so your classes feel great in every students body
  • Desire full classes with students who keep coming back
  • Feel insecure about your anatomy education and hesitate to offer guidance
  • Are missing out on the income of teaching privates because you aren’t sure how to “read a body”

This course is designed especially for YOU!


You’re not alone if you’re struggling with your own practice or how to teach anatomy well! Many classes don’t offer guidance, and most trainings skimp on anatomy. The good news is, it’s never too late to learn. The best yoga teachers are those who have learned the art of reading bodies – and I’m here to teach
you how.

what you 'll get

  • 4 Video Based Modules:
  • 1. Body Function: How It Works
  • 2. Reading Bodies: Body Awareness
  • 3. Pain to Pleasure: Addressing Common Injuries
  • 4. FUNctional Postures: Asana for Optimal Health
  • 8 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education
  • Private FB Group for Ongoing Support
  • E-Book / Practice Manual: A Yogi’s Guide to a Pain Free Body
  • Pain Point Workbook: Learn How to Speak to Bodies In Pain
  • Digital Reference Manual & Lifetime Access

What You’ll Learn

  • Interconnection of Nervous System, Kinetic Chain, Fascia and Physics
  • Dialogue and communication tools to help students refine their practice
  • Soul to Sole signature “Yoga Rehab Flow”
  • How to guide intentional practices that counter the stress of daily movement & posture
  • Teaching strategy to make your students fall in love with your class and keep coming back

This Is For You If…

  • You find yourself parroting other people’s anatomy cues… but you’re not sure
  • It feels super hard to create an anatomy-focused class (i.e. Yoga for Back Pain)
  • Clients have trickled away because their bodies didn’t feel the best in your class
  • Despite all your training, you never had a SOLID anatomy intensive
  • You’re secretly baffled by pain and tell clients to just “modify as best they can”
  • Teaching privates is calling to you but you need to step up your anatomy game

I just finished Module 3 of the FUNctional Anatomy course and I am really looking forward to Module 4! I have learned so much so far, so many things that I can bring to my students in the way of modifications and fun variations of postures. Most of my students are age 50 -80 in my regular classes and over 80 in my chair yoga classes at a retirement community. From this course I have a much deeper understanding of the mechanics of the body and how yoga can help with so many issues. I love her saying - "Movement is Medicine", so true. The knowledge that I gained in regard to what moves or postures will help a sore knee, or lengthen the IT band, bring more mobility to the hips, and so much more is amazing. The detail and format of "Addressing Common Injuries" is filled with easy to understand information and ideas to grow with. I am looking forward to sharing so many things from this course with my students of all levels. I love the flow class at the end of each module that brings it all together. Thank You Gabby! Namaste, Donna B.

In 2019 there are over 60,000 Yoga Alliance registered teachers - it’s time to level up and be one of the best

If you’re ready to feel confident and clear in classes and privates, and finally understand how to safely modify for all bodies, this course will give you exactly what you need to level up your practice and teaching.


  • Complete Course: $397

Q & A

This course is 4 Modules long. Each module is almost 2 hours of content with an associate yoga flow for each module averaging 45 min – 1 hour per flow. 

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Gabby holds her 200hr E-RYT and YACEP. She teaches yoga anatomy and rehab based classes and CE workshops. Gabby has a background in vinyasa and Hot 26.Combining her degrees in athletic training and biomechanics, she has created a yoga anatomy course filled with healing, strength and stability within alignment