Identify Emotions in your Body Workshop



A 75min workshop all around identifying where your big, heavy emotions live in your body and practical, action oriented steps to support you in clearing and releasing the heavy energy to feel light, sexy, connected and energetic again!

When: 6/22/22, 12-1:15pm EST via Zoom


Are you sick of feeling heavy in your body?!

Want to feel comfortable in your bathing suit this summer?! 


In this 75 min workshop we will explore:

WHERE your emotions live in your body

HOW to identify them

& WHAT to do to release them

So you can step out of the nonsense conversations you’re having with yourself in your head and connect back to your EMPOWERED SELF!


Please bring a journal, pen, tennis/lacrosse ball (anything hard or squishy about that size) and anything you need to make yourself comfortable for our time together.


When: 6/22/22, 12-1:15pm EST via Zoom




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