Elevating Your Yoga Classes with Gabby

What the heck even is embodiment? And as yoga teachers, how are we supposed to be in charge of the lights, heat, music, flow, cues, assists, AND making sure our students feel embodied?! 


HI! I’m Gabby, your anatomy-loving, self-help junkie, yoga teacher mentor ready to support you in up-leveling your teaching so you can make a living doing what you love. 


My journey began in the realm of athletic training, navigating the intricacies of one-on-one sessions in a physical therapy setting. Fueled by a desire for more personalized approaches and less 3×10 of each exercise, I founded Soul to Sole Wellness, initially focusing on rehabilitation. The more I worked with people through their orthopedic injuries, their knee pain, their lower back pain, the more that I started to incorporate more of the other continuing education stuff I was doing: yoga, life coaching, and somatic practices: meditation specifically. 


3 Things that I discovered as I delved deeper into yoga with the power of embodiment:

  1. It’s not like the traditional physical therapy style exercises, it is so much deeper. My clients began to change– in a good way. They acknowledged and released their childhood traumas, pains, and emotions stored in their hips affecting the nervous system and even the fascial system.
  2. Understanding the link between emotions and specific regions of the body will tell a captivating story and is the KEY to releasing any past trauma. 
  3. Emotions are not just stored in our minds and hearts. Emotions also make the hips and glutes often the repository of unspoken emotions– An Emotional Storage House. By addressing these areas during hip-opening postures or lunges, yoga teachers can guide students toward recognizing and releasing stored emotions.


As you incorporate embodiment practices, pay attention to the words your students use to describe their experiences. Tailor your cues to resonate with their emotions and offer a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. By doing so, you’ll not only enrich your teaching but also create an environment where students feel seen and heard.


Embark on this journey of embodiment, and witness the transformative impact it can have on your teaching and the well-being of your students. 


If you’re ready to learn how to offer this impact of teaching, 50 hour YTT is open for enrollment! https://gabs.myflodesk.com/50hrytt

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