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How to Identify Patterns in your Physical Body

Last week I had the privilege to chat with Brenda, a transformative neuro-reiki master & NLP coach and her 30-day challenge team about feeling alignment mentally and how that translates to the physical body. We spoke about recognizing patterns in your mental, emotional and physical bodies in order to impact your life and step into your highest self. 

If there’s anything I know for certain it’s that everything you’re searching for is already within you. Only you can decide if something is aligned or not; if certain foods, books, podcasts, friends and roles in your community are for your highest good. 

The goal of life is to find and feel alignment. Life shouldn’t always feel “easy” but it should always feel aligned. This feeling of alignment, to me, feels a lot like the word “fun.” Not to say it will always bring a smile to your face, giggling and laughing but it will always be teaching you more about yourself, through the trial and tribulations, it always has this aligned, meant for you feeling. To me, that makes it feel graceful and flowy in my body, in my energy. 

Notice the patterns in your body. Be in constant inquiry. 

Notice how your body reacts to certain words, phrases and requests.

Follow up by asking yourself, “when have I felt this way before?”

Life is happening for you, not to you.

Learning to trust your physical body not only will help you reach your highest potential; it will teach you how to listen and trust your intuition.

Click here to listen to the full chat:

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