How to Conquer Negative Energy: The Law of Physics Applied

Electricity flows and we grow at the path of least resistance. Just like streets, weaving around the trees and the boulders.

Magnetism feat. Negativity

Energies are the coolest and craziest thing in the world. Truth is, everything is energy. Quantum physics tells us that everything is sound. Waves. Energy. Imagine energies like the ocean… rolling in and out creating our flow of life. We are neither of mind nor body, just soul energies. And also, while we are living on this earth one of the hardest things is to separate soul from your mind and your body. They’re like roots of the trees, twisting, turning and growing through rock to persevere, always growing towards the sun. Which looks directly like our nervous system, coincidence? Only, a lot of times, we don’t know which direction to grow, what is your sun? What does the highest, most grounded and stable version of yourself look like?

Electricity flows and we grow at the path of least resistance. Just like streets, weaving around the trees and the boulders. Once the track is set, it flows that same path until interrupted aka inertia. An object in motion will stay in motion until interjected by and equal and opposite force aka the first law of physics. The next law state that force = mass x acceleration. Back to energies: Everything is energy, yes. And just as the apple fell on his head, Sir Isaac Newton discovered that it fell straight down. What makes an object fall faster than others? The mass of it, the density. Which brings me to positive and negative energies. Think of your emotions: love, joy, bliss…all high vibrational energies, they move faster = they’re lighter. Now think of your low vibrational emotions: jealousy, anger, fear…these emotions are low vibe = slower = denser. The force of them is bigger; Force = mass x acceleration aka the second law of physics. Your negative emotions not only hold more weight, they make you feel heavier, quicker and with much more impact. Which brings me to the third law of physics, the law of reaction.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction which is the law of attraction, you attract what you are, which is also, karma. 

The Universal Laws just like the Laws of Physics tells us that all of the negativity we feel will breed more negativity, faster. 

This isn’t to say don’t feel negative emotions. Feel them! Feel them as they arise, fast and unsure. With the intention of releasing them.

If you were to ask me how I’m doing, I’m usually doing pretty well. I try and live a mostly high vibe life. Again, feel the negativity with the intention of releasing it – don’t let it fester. I’ve hung out with a few negative people over the years and my experience has always been similar:

After a few minutes with these negative peoples, we’ll call them “Nancy.” As I’ve hung out with Nancy, I started to find that my positivity is usually pushed away or shrugged off. 

“But still, you can see what I mean and why it would piss me off,” Nancy would say.

“Yes”, I would agree, “And also, perhaps see it from this side…” 

Following a brief shrug off of my devil’s advocate, optimistic perspective, topics would change and we’d move on. 

Then, it would happen again. Nancy stating something negative and me trying to help see some positive, shrug off, move on…

Eventually, I started to give in and not even open my mouth about the possibility of positivity.

The more I started to agree with Nancy, the more I started to find things in my life to bitch about. One thing after the other, feeling my nervous system state change not into fight/flight but into a play zone that my beautiful Somatic Coach love, Irene calls the ‘play zone.’ Thing is, it feels the same: elevated heart rate, dilated pupils, physically your body is prepping for fight/flight. Which for me, looks like raising my voice, sitting up in my seat and my hands start flailing like a true Italian when I speak. Once you’re on a roll, inertia baby. 

First thing that happens is that I notice the pattern. The pattern has shown up many times before. I grieve my progress, slow down, take a few breaths, forgive myself and try ask Spirit to help guide me next time. Trust, surrender, repeat. Like all bad habits, the don’t die easy and without persistence.

So today, I’m doing full inventory. Looking at what in my life is high vibe and what in my life is low vibe. From the shoes in my closet, loved ones I keep around me, plants and books, and old memories. Everything is energy.

If you want to feel high vibe, keep high vibe things around you.

Just as our bodies need to excrete waste that doesn’t serve us to survive, we need to excrete objects, old habits/behaviors and people. Oh, the people. 

Some people, however, you can’t get rid of. Excuse me, all people you can draw a big boundary around and never see them again. The work there is to not harbor resentment toward them while holding the boundary firm and fast. Other people, don’t serve our highest self but we need to keep them around, let’s call them, Fatima. When Fatima comes into your space you need to make sure you place yourself in a big blue bubble. Blue is the color of St. Michael, the Archangel and the Protector. Place yourself, Fatima and everyone else in their own blue bubbles too, extra protection. Let Fatima keep her energy to herself. 

Don’t take the bait, as they say, when she’s challenging you and begging you to join in. There will be boundaries that you need to make because, like the law of reaction, we are a cumulation of the 5 people you hang out with most.

If you don’t like your habits, reactions and ways, notice if they mirror anyone around you.

Start making intentional choices of who you allow around your energy, who you exchange energy with and for how long; knowing and with the visual that there are no boundaries between you and me, we are oceans waves flowing together. Does your energy and mine cause a tidal wave? Rip currents? Or can we flow, steady and true, gently rocking back and forth on a bright, sunny day.

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