Why Anatomy?

When I was going to begin a blog I first doubted myself. Doubted I would be honest with my heart to share what I wanted to share and not simply what I believed everyone wanted to hear. My passion is anatomy and healing. I started Soul to Sole Wellness and Rehabilitation to be able to share both. Since starting this whole company I have met so many beautiful people and it continues to open networking doors and new relationships daily! Who would have thought!

Why Anatomy?

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While I was at UConn getting my undergraduate degree in Athletic Training, anatomy was a foreign language to me. I told myself I am “not good at languages.” I have since learned that anatomy is a beautiful language. Like most things, it just takes time and practice. However, there’s no past, present and future tenses, there’s no conjunctions, dependent and independent clauses. There’s simply anatomy and anatomical terms creating a common language for anatomy nerds. The hardest part is remembering the verbiage and knowing what is being referenced. Once you have a grasp on that, the rest is simple. Remember: practice!

We are all 99% chromosome-ally alike. HOW AWESOME! Look how different we all are!

Being so alike, ask the first three people you see if they have any ailments going on currently; see how many different answers you get. Although we are all so much a like and predominantly share all of the same bones, (some exceptions here!) every BODY functions differently. That is why anatomy. You will never see the same person perform a yoga pose the same way twice; same with power lifting, jogging, even cleaning the house. Every movement involves muscles, fascia, bones, tendons, ligaments, etc. Even in the same person, all of these structures will fire in different patterns depending on many different scenarios: fatigue, soreness, muscle imbalance, instabilities, etc. to name a few. Because of this people develop ailments and injuries can occur especially chronic aliments.

Anatomy educationĀ is important for anyone who wants to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I believe one of the hardest things a person can do is listen to their body daily. Whether in regards to food, physical movement, stress, among many other triggers, human beings today have a hard time going within and really listening to what their body is telling them versus doing what they feel is best for their body. Once a person knows the anatomy and can really connect with it, self consciousness and the ability to move one’s attention inward improves immensely. People are then better able to connect to what they really are feeling compared to just saying that their back hurts. One can then understand what hurts, perhaps why it hurts and can know how to single out what exactly is hurting to allow for a focused healing. Once peopleĀ can understand their specific anatomy injuries are better prevented, treated and diagnosed. Listening to your body’s needs and wants becomes simplified once you have the right ears to listen with.

Soul to Sole Wellness is here to educate, inform, challenge and share some insight on all things healing from soul to sole!

I am so excited to take this journey together!

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